I should have known she had a drinking problem. Most people don’t drink wine at breakfast. She wasn’t a sloppy drunk, and that was the problem. Most of the time she could hide the true extent of her inebriation. I knew when she was plastered, which was most of the time, but I had a hard time getting other people to see it.


We met at University. She’d come over and listen to music with me. I had built my hi-fi from a kit and was quite proud of having soldered the components in my five watt mono amp. She’d come over in her nightgown and after a few hours of listening, we’d end up on the couch. I didn’t really have a bed back then. Who needed luxury when we had youth?


When we got a little older, we started frequenting these “swingers” resorts. Everyone seemed really “square,” as if “swinging” were their ticket to a less boring life. Eventually she and I grew apart, and she ran off with a divorced dentist from Cedar Rapids.


I sold my house and bought an RV, which proved to be a great idea. Back in those days there were always girls hitch hiking, and I’d take them where they wanted to go, though not in a hurry, if you get my drift.

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