You don’t need to trouble yourself with the details. Let it suffice to say that it’s bad. Real bad. There’s no more room in the ICU’s and they’re sending people home to die. Who would have thought it would come this? And yet it has, and there seems to be no unified response from the authorities.

The only responses have been political. Jockeying for status, maneuvers designed to deflect blame…but no real concern for the facts, because nobody knows what to do about them. The truth is too horrible to acknowledge.

So those of us who aren’t in charge of anything, we can relax and seek diversion. What’s new on Netflix?

If you don’t care, you’re lucky. You’ll be fine no matter what happens. That’s the place we’d all like to arrive, a state of contentment and total acceptance. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get there when you can’t breathe or you’re bleeding out of several orifices simultaneously.

The pleasure one can derive from blaming the authorities is small compensation for the agony of actual ill health and poverty. When tempted to go that route, draw yourself up sharply and mutter “thanks, but no thanks. Today I take total responsibility for myself and my position.” You may be still be a victim of the misguided policies of your nation, but at least you will be unaware of that fact. You will be under the delusion that you’re in charge!

Yes, a lot can be accomplished with a simple change of attitude.

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