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I’d be glad to serve as a writing coach for any writers out there. My fees will be reasonable and I will do a good job encouraging any writer who pays me $30 to read 2,000 words and then have a Skype session to comment on it. I’ve taught for many years and I think I’m good at this.

I am not interested in copy editing. If you don’t know the rules of grammar, don’t expect me to teach those. I am, however, interested in supporting you as you find your voice. There’s probably something you know and want to say that only you can, and I want to encourage you to find it. As far as I can see, giving yourself permission to create a voice and then let that persona speak is the obstacle most writers are trying to circumvent.

I’ve had several books published as well as many magazine articles. I received a Master’s of Fine Arts in Playwriting from the University of Iowa’s Playwright’s workshop in 1975 and then for most of my life, supported myself by writing, performing and teaching.

Here is my Amazon Author’s page. https://www.amazon.com/Dan-Coffey/e/B005ANRTQA

I have a new novel Glass Eater  coming out this year via  Shipwrekt Books

If you’re interested, please respond to me via email at danieljosephcoffey@hotmail.com

I live in Thailand, so I’m twelve hours ahead of most of you.

2 thoughts on “Dan Coffey – Writing Coach

  1. Hi, Dan. Since the demise of Writers Without Borders in Chiang Mai, I’ve been looking for a local writers group. Does Chiang Mai Writers Group hold regular meetings/workshops? Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you. Will


    1. no, we never did anything with it after the first few meetings four years ago. I keep thinking someone will want to revive it. There used to be a big group up around nimmehammen, upstairs in a restaurant on a side street. Hard for us geezers to commit to anything.


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