Preaching to the Choir



Everyday on social media I see all sorts of attacks on our current President and his cabinet, and I wonder why we haven’t had a popular revolt yet. But then I remember, all my Facebook Friends think like me. That’s why they’re my friends. So I’m not talking to a representative populace. I’m talking into an echo chamber, staring into a hall of mirrors.


The people who voted for him aren’t the least bit scandalized by his behavior. The more outrageous it is, the more they like it. He’s stirring  things up. That’s what they hoped he would do. They hated the Clintons, they were tired of elitist, well-spoken college professors in government. They wanted a Wal-Mart manager for a boss.  Now they’ve got one and they can relax. They know how  this works, where they stand.








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