The Man





If the Man wants your ass in a sling, he’s got it. He’s not fooling around. There’s too much money at stake. He’s going to come out on top no matter what, so you might as well stop fooling around and face whatever music the Man is playing.

Actually, the Man is tone deaf. He doesn’t play music himself, he hires others to do it for him. The Man isn’t bothered by the expense of hiring musicians. Musicians work cheap. They lack the rigor and resolve which come as part and parcel to being the Man.

The Man doesn’t care if you don’t like him. He’s not waiting for consensus. He’s taking action now. Sure, he might respect you more if you’re full of resolve, but how you’re feeling or how you respond don’t matter to the Man. He knows how he will feel and what his response will be to anything you do. Again, he’s not really interested in you, even if he has pretended to be in the past.

He’s in it for the long haul. He’s playing to win. If you have any plans, he will outmaneuver them. If you have any hopes, he will counter them with specially selected facts.

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