Do most people think before they speak? I sure don’t. Whatever comes out of my mouth is a complete surprise to me. The same goes for my writing. My fingers do the talking and I’m just along for the ride. Sometimes I can type more quickly than I can read, so it’s all news to me.

You might call this a gift, but it could as easily be seen as a curse. What one person calls “inspiration” another might deem “delusion” or “compulsion.” I can just see me in court saying “your Honor, I had no idea what I was typing.”

Nobody reads anymore, and for people like me that’s a good thing. My literary output joins the stream of detritus that flows day and night without pause through social media platforms. I tend to favor offbeat subject matter. Routine politics bores me, but the chance that Joan Rivers is still alive or Hillary is an alien seems reasonable to me. I mean, really, who knows for sure?

How can you be charged with a premeditated crime if you never plan anything ahead of time? Non compos mentis is my alibi. I’m just another frog in the pond, croaking away on the chance that another frog is listening.


  1. Hey Boss, About the verbal vomit… I get it, as you can imagine! As a fellow humorist on The Iowa Radio Project, I have seen the benefits of having a mosquito speed brain, reminiscent of that one episode on Star Trek where the Captain was sped up in time! Most creative minds have at least a bit of this wonderful “gift” (which I wish would give me a break once in awhile!).
    I am hanging out online with Rick Green of The Red Green Show. He also is very “blessed” with this kind of Surprise Brain, which had very visible results on every single show he did! So far as I have seen, almost all of the people who meet up together online for hanging out (we are patrons of his Patreon platform) they are almost all Others Like Us!!! http://www.totallyadd.com. Great group!
    Hey, wave madly at all the little roadside temples as you go by, especially if you go to Rajburi where my dad had one built before he and the Corps of Engrs dug a reservoir and put in a water purification system in 64!
    Well, I am off to drink ten more cups of coffee so I can slow down while clearing off that pile of papers under the coffee cup while reading email, doing Facebook, talking to Mom on the phone, grooming my dog, wondering who it was I was supposed to go do an estimate for and hoping they will text me so I can remember, thinking of the old days behind the mic with you and trying to figure out what time to hike with the dog today. All at the same time…. Sigh.
    Keep on keepin on and hugs all around, Beej the Enigma

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