Where You Fit In

We are surrounded by Evil. Intelligent, powerful, active forces of evil dog our every step. We are helpless to fight them. Our only hope comes from above, and we must ask for it.

This is great news, but almost nobody believes it anymore. The help of a force more intelligent and more powerful than evil is ours for the asking. If you know this to be true, then count yourself lucky. Again, most people have abandoned the whole notion of Evil with a capital “E.”

Still, even if you’re a true believer you may not have an easy time of it. Your role may be to serve as a warning to others. Somebody had to be Cain and Judas. Armageddon is a battle, not a picnic.

2 thoughts on “Where You Fit In

  1. Dan Love the shared wisdom!!I surround myself & All my Sister & Brothers with Light daily & Know everything is Right on Schedule🙏🏼


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