Nothing very important is happening right now, so I’m not paying attention. When the time is right and something meaningful is afoot, then I’ll tune in. Until then, it would just be a waste of my time to get involved. I’ll just hang out here and wish life were more interesting.

 All I see is nothing much interesting. Ho Hum. If somebody important or famous came along, then that might lead to unexpected opportunity, or at least a good story. For right now, nobody important or famous seems to be around. Ho Hum.

I know you’re supposed to be able to make your own fun, to capitalize on opportunity, but that’s never really worked for me. For me, it’s better to just wait until something happens. I’ve been waiting a long time now. Most of my life. But I’m nothing if I’m not patient. And passive. I’m good at that, as well.

OK, I’ve waited long enough. It’s obvious that nothing is going to happen which I will find either interesting or pleasurable. I’m going to have to take a risk and get my hands dirty. I’m going to have to do something.

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