The War on Terror continues into its fifteenth year, and may prove endless, for Terror shows no signs of surrendering. We like to tell ourselves that they started it, that Terrorists hated us for our freedoms and that’s why they attacked the Twin Towers. In the ensuing decade and a half, beginning with the Patriot Act and its many successors, we’ve lost many of those freedoms they supposedly begrudged us. Now live in the most tightly surveilled country in the history of mankind. Does this mean Terror may hate us a little less now that we’re not so glaringly free?


If it’s ever proven that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, a false flag event to justify perpetual war in the Middle East, it will be hard to accept not only the initial tragedy, but the loss of our image of ourself as a force for good in the world. It will be hard for forgive and forget.


I suppose if we could go back and interview any of the people we attempted to bomb into submission over the last sixty-six years, beginning with North Korea and ending with Syria, that they never believed we were the good guys. Today, there are plenty of more bad guys left to whom we could teach a lesson, and I’d be surprised if Libya and Iran don’t feature prominently in the comings months corrections. Iran must want war, otherwise why would they have placed their country right smack dab in the middle of so many of our military bases?


Maybe there really is a hell after death, and it consists of a lake of burning Napalm. During World War II we invented Napalm as a way to bomb civilians, to burn down cities, to demoralize whole populations and to eventually get them to sue for peace. It worked surprisingly well on our foes in Germany and Japan, but not so well in Korea, Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam.  


We can be sure that our puppet in the Middle East, Israel, will soon occupy and colonize Syria’s Golan Heights. Then the Arabs in surrounding countries will ratchet up their hatred to the level North Korea already enjoys. We’ll do our best to bring Iran into the fray and then what evolves will justify our Perpetual State of War.


Evidently, a Terrorist is anyone who hates us and lacks a proper army. A Palestinian kid throwing a stone is a terrorist, but an Israeli soldier shooting him from a helicopter gunship is a soldier.




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