Hidden Kingdom of Lamphun



Well, it’s not really hidden, it’s just been overshadowed by the more dramatic mountains to the west. Usually I go down 108 to Chom Ton, then to either Doi Inthanon or Hot, on my way to do the four-day ride called the Mae Hong Son loop. This time I took my new “big bike” 500 cc Honda, straight south, down 106, through Lamphun city and then on my way to Tak.


I never made it to Tak. It’s too far. But the scenery down 106 is a delight. Spent the night in Li, then headed back up a smaller road, 1184, reconnecting with 106 just south of Pa Song. No traffic at all! Lumyai farms mostly, and rice. Some corn, but not as much as up north.


Actually, it’s more fun to ride a motorcycle on Lamphun’s winding two-lane blacktop roads in good repair than torturous hairpin turns up and down steep mountains. Reminds me of the Gold Country of Northern California where I first learned to ride 38 years ago.



The Mildewed Walls of Lamphun

Lamphun is a city about 20 miles south of Chiang Mai.  It was, at one time, it’s own kingdom. The downtown is full of modest old buildings. Rents are relatively cheap in this miniature Chiang Mai, with a moat and old brick walls to match its more famous cousin just up the road.

Here are a variety of pictures of the walls around most homes downtown. In some cases, you can see something showing through.