Brains Don’t Help

Brains don’t help in most situations. In fact, they’re often a liability. People don’t like smart guys, they like sincere, hard-working normal Joes. So if you happen to be extremely intelligent, don’t wear your smarts on your sleeve. Keep them secret and use them in situations where a favorable outcome will make you seem simply lucky.

All the best film actors know this trick. Play stupid and you’ll make the audience feel smart. Let them see you strain to make sense of your character’s predicament. Allow them to see the wheels turning in his or her tiny brain.

Sympathy begins to have a chance when you stop threatening people. Stupid people know this deep-down, and use it to their advantage whenever their intelligence fails them. They affect a puppy-dog look complete with big, watery, sad eyes.

4 thoughts on “Brains Don’t Help

  1. Hey bro, how’s the inoculum process of your white T-cell corpuscles treating you?
    I lost my ph hunting pheasants a year ago. I’m just now getting around to finding you again. You know my fears are slipping a bit.
    Your friend Lee W

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      1. I have been trying a half dozen times to email you.
        For some reason it would say that it was invalid. Let me try it now by tapping on the email address and recording it in my ph

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